How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

28 September 2006

Dragon, your comment on Tuesday prompted me to immediatly try to kill my cat. Seriously.

So, here's the story:

After hearing of Maggie's plight, Olive the Cat decided to take some karma for the team. See, she had the scab on her back from repeated injections of fluids from when she was very sick way back in August. (That didn't make sense, let me try again: She had a reaction, the Vet thinks, to the needle they used to inject fluids.) The spot wasn't healing, and was getting worse; the Vet recommended I scrub the area with Betadine scrub (the foamy stuff for surgery, not the junk the nurse would pour on you in elementary school).

Now, scrubbing a cat isn't the best idea in the world. So when Olive was done and as rinsed as we could get her, we let her loose. Being a cat, she promptly started licking herself. Then, foaming at the mouth. Dripping long tounges of yellow foam, she started gasping and coughing as mucus flowed from her eyes and nose. It turns out, I poisioned my cat with iodine.
Maggie? Olive would like you to know that she's fine now, and she hopes that her suffering eases yours.

Dragon? Olive would like you to never ever mention me killing her again, ok?

To prove all is well, here's Ms. Olive herself, reclining on the laundry atop the dryer:

(Don't you just love the bra straps in the background?)

[Update: Maggie has passed. Olive extends her deepest sympathies to the family, and really wishes her karmic hit had worked.]


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