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22 December 2006

Positive Mental Attitude

At the restaurant where I work, they coach you almost constantly on the concept of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). This is necessary, because servers are trying to accomodate our guests in a friendly and professional way while screaming at each other, being screamed at by management and the kitchen, and hoping there is no screaming coming from the dining room. If you can practice a little PMA, you will not commit suicide on your drive home by slamming your car into a tractor trailer, and this benefits everyone.
So, I am doing what I can to inject a little PMA into my holiday spirit (even though I had to miss knitting night so I could finish shopping and wrap a pile of gifts). I gotta get out of this funk before Monday, or I will stick my head into the oven next to the turkey, and that is not Good Eats (even though I still have to clean the whole house and have no decorations up whatsoever). I must persevere in this goal in order to not ruin everyone else's holiday (even though I have to work 34 hours before Monday and can't find the time to sleep, let alone chop celery for stuffing).
Solution found!
I recruited.
Yoshi is helping out. He will be cleaning the house up a bit, and setting up my mise en place all day Sunday so I can just throw stuff together and into the oven/onto the stove/into my mouth. Not bad for a guy who doesn't believe in holidays. I guess he does believe in helping me have a decent holiday. And Jenn has offered to have my back, as well. So while I am on my double shift on Sunday, the two of them will be chopping and scrubbing and making sure Lisa doesn't have a mental breakdown.
And that's what the Christmas spirit is really all about, isn't it? Helping your friends not harm themselves. If only Charlie Brown knew.
And if anyone asks me what I knit for them for Christmas, they are getting size 15s to the throat. Merry Christmas.


Blogger Dee said...

We DID miss you last night.

Hope you can make it next Thursday. It will just be a small group of us, but we plan on having fun!

12:30 PM


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