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07 December 2006

Where did I find the time?

I have news! And it's knitty news! Yay!

I present to you the Monkey Hat.

Pattern: Made up as I went along. Yarn: Patons Classic Wool. The recipient was not keen on having his picture taken for the blog (actually, I got a picture which didn't work out so he wasn't keen on a second picture) so it is shown here next to a Diet Rock Star. He showed it off to anyone who walked by and stroked the living heck out of my ego. Thanks, Brett. That was ridiculously nice of you. I hope he enjoys it.

I really like the Fair Isle. I'm going to have to do that a lot more.

There's also this crazy group of ladies.

There is a great group of women who meet every Thursday night (6-ish to 9-ish at Borders in Oviedo, if anyone wants to know) and I crashed their party the Thursday before Thanksgiving. They were so nice and welcoming that I keep going back. I've never knit in a group before; I find myself wanting to put down my knitting (gasp!) and walk around seeing what everyone else is playing with. I need to get one of those little hip bags or something so I can walk around while knitting and satisfy my curiosity. I saw a bit of magic loop today, which I had not yet seen, and shared a few tips I have up my own sleeve about sleeves (ha!). Also found out that maybe Knit Picks has the dpn holders I am coveting. I have a great set for my size 2s, and am desperate for more. Rubber bands ain't gonna cut it much longer, now that I have a weekly reminder that I have stuff worth showing off. I worked on the second Malabrigo sock today. Remember, the one where I was teaching my roommate to knit socks? Yeah, second sock syndrome prevented the casting on of this poor little sock, but the yarn is so soft and the colors so impressive that I thought I would show the ladies and get some drooling going while defeating SSS apathy. I have a feeling that sales of Malabrigo are about to rise in Orlando. It really is the best stuff ever.

Other news? I can't believe Heroes won't be back until late January. Why do they do that?


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