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02 November 2006

What I did on my New England vacation in words and pictures, by Lisa, age 30, Part One

Holy crap, I don't really suck! Here are my pictures of Rhinebeck!

Swan and I met up at Hartford Airport on Thursday afternoon, made a deeply emotional stop at WEBS (of which there are no pictures, I was fresh off the plane and the camera was packed), and promptly drove for a slow eternity through some gorgeous New England foliage. When I get to take pictures of the haul I brought home, you may notice a fall colors theme running through parts of it, but that's for another day. In the meantime...

Here's our mostly creepy motel room:

Here's what we were mostly convinced was blood on the ceiling:

Can you see it? The two funny smudges that barely show up?

We went to the Morehouse Merino shop, Sheep's Clothing, on Friday. Amazing place.

Absolutely beautiful colorways, nicest staff EVER, and this across the street:

Enough Prozac to cheer up a third world country.

They close at six so the staff can run naked through the shop, I think. That's what I would do anyway (and why I can never, ever get a job in a yarn shop with street-facing windows).

Here's Swan, happy with her yarn acquisition:

And here's me, next to the little waterfall-y creek behind the store. Fall colors. We don't see much of that down here in the tropical South. I was really inspired.
I bought a kit and needles for a beret (because I look really good in hats, wink at Cyn). I bought matching yarn for a scarf. I made Swan wind me a ball and cast on within hours of getting back to our room.
More tomorrow. Small doses of Rhinebeck are best.
Preview of coming attractions: knitting celebrities (not celebs who knit, but celebs who are celebs because they knit), a story about imaginary woodchucks, relaxing in the best bed ever, and Olive the Cat entertains. Also, Hallowe'en mischief, if I can get the picture to download properly.
Oh, and by the way: the camera? It was buried in the laundry basket of new stash sitting in the bedroom. Where'd all that new yarn come from?


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