How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

12 October 2006

Why I love Lisa

(in a heterosexual kind of way)

1. It was love at first sight: I don't believe in that sort of silliness, but there it is. I was looking for a second job in August of 2001, and hit everywhere I could think of: bookstores, movie theaters, a cinema grill--everything. I was about to give up when I returned a call to my mom, and she suggested a little place she liked, Tijuana Flats. I'd never been in, but I was desperate for extra cash. Behind the counter of this sensory assaulting little almost-restaurant is this tiny little imp of a person, who greets me with a shocking amount of cheer. Over the next few minutes, we talk about...stuff. I don't remember what, only just the feeling of rightness. I think she felt it too. (She got me the job there, by the way.)

2. Lisa is a lot of fun to be around. The first time we hung out, it was mind-boggling in a way that makes the phrase "mind-boggling" sound very cheesy. There was talking into the night and much red wine and much, well, understanding. A mini-hurricane came through that night, whipping the trees outside my window. Even though debris was flying everywhere, we were hungry. So, of course, we decided it would be prudent to run across the eight lane road in front of my house in the middle of a hurricane to get to the 24 hour diner. And that was just the beginning of the evening.

3. Lisa taught me to drink. Not beer, not wine, but real liquor. My relationship with quality whiskey will never be the same. (That is a good thing, just so you know).

4. Lisa takes no shit from anyone. For a chicken like me, this is very admirable.

5. Lisa will set your shit straight. For those moments when you need someone to tell you that yes, your ass look huge in those pants, Lisa is your girl. That not enough for you? You need to someone to tell you that the problem is that your head is pretty far up your ass and you really need to get over yourself? Oh, my Lisa is your girl. And she will make you feel good about yourself, even though you have been shredded into leetle pieces (and deservedly so).

6. Regardless of what might or might not have been said at the time, Lisa is a kick ass roommate. Really. For 18 months she drove me absolutely crazy, but was a damn fine friend the whole time. Especially when it came to the stupid men in our lives.

7. I am a better person because of Lisa. No kidding. Whenever she drives me nuts its usually because of my own damn issues. Which I try to resolve when I realize I'm being the jerk.

8. One of my biggest regrets is not having Lisa as a bridesmaid for my second wedding. It took me a long time to see that the love I have for Lisa is a Big Thing. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why, if we drove each other nuts, we still couldn't stay away from our friendship. See #5.

9. Lisa knits. Enough said.

10. If Lisa loves you, it will be the most intense experience of your life. It might kinda be like the roller coasters that make you want to yarf your hot dog, but it will be the best damn ride ever. And it won't stop. If Lisa loves you, you're hers for life.

Lisa, two years ago you laughed at me when I said "30 is the new 20." What say you now?


Blogger swan/dragon said...

Oh, it's good to be loved. And to have a comments board in which to thank Mrs. Cygknit for this awesome homemade birthday card.

And 30 is not the new 20. It is the same 30 it always was. And it is grand; apparently, 30-year olds are very much adored and respected in ways they didn't know about when they were in their twenties (yesterday). And now, as a thirty-year-old, I am old enough to enjoy and appreciate it (not like yesterday, when I was only in my twenties).

8:12 PM

Anonymous JessaLu said...

Happy Birthday :o)

4:51 PM


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