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08 November 2006

Working through the new stash

I have been knitting up a storm.

Here we have my finished New England Fall Colors Beret, from Morehouse Merino:

It is blocking on the lid to some baking dish. And, oh! The colors! This picture and crappy background does them no justice whatsoever, but since I look the way I normally look on my days off, I am not about to model it (besides, it is soggy and smells like wet sheep right now), and it is dark outside, anyway, so you just deal with the crappy color representation, okay? Matching scarf getting cast on later tonight.

I bought some sage green handspun from a nice lady at Rhinebeck. She was spinning in her stall, and I just thought that was too cool to pass up.

This is the beginning of a cardigan for Walter. Pattern? I don't need no stinking pattern! I am winging this sucker right into existence! Those little reverse stockinette blocks at the bottom will house embroidered lazy daisies. This is the back, and it's already halfway finished. I cast on just this afternoon, so if you subtract the time I wasted for having to frog the first attempt due to a minor math error (the biggest problem with the make-it-up-as-you-go-along method), and take into consideration that I have to work sometime this week, this whole sweater ought to take me about ten days to finish.

Do not hold me to that.

Damn, I love knitting for tiny people. Is it any wonder I haven't even wound up the yarn for Yoshi's socks yet? Hmmmm, huge-ass feet or tiny baby torso... Tough decision, since these two things are almost the same size.

And does anyone realize but me that I am casting on two projects in one day? Does anyone remember how much I hate to cast on?

Other projects are going okay. I taught Jenn to kitchener, and she finished her first sock; now we are both trapped in the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome. I haven't even cast mine on; she stopped in the middle of turning a heel to rescue Walter from certain doom and doesn't remember what she was doing, and is not anxious to rip back to where she did know what she was doing(Hey, it's her second sock EVER, cut the girl some slack).

I divided Yoshi's sweater for the armholes and it is going very slowly. I am figuring out how to knit the sleeves into the curved armholes in my head (as if I am going to be ready to do it any time soon). I don't want to reference other patterns; I want to figure it out on my own and see if I am as clever as I wish I was. Am. Whatever. I am a little worried about it, though, so hopefully his arms aren't pointing forever up when he gets it. I am shooting for sometime in December, so he might actually get to wear it this season. I'm also going to whip out a quick gaiter for him to wear while on the motorcycle, probably in some washable silk blend the really nice peoples at the Knitty Coffeeshop Forum recommended. But that will require buying more yarn... and groceries seem a little more important right now, since I have so much nice new yarn to play with.


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