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23 November 2006

Dressed for Success

Can I show off my beautiful niece in her new sweater?

Doesn't Walter look warm and snuggly?

And the requisite action shot. Hey, you try to get a 14-month-old to hold still for digital.
It's really nice and roomy for Walter to get on over her clothes. Jenn and I have decided to forego the embroidery in favor of the simplicity of the ribby border. It's not like we can't add them later if we feel the kid needs more zazz. But in case you don't know and want to, the specs on the sweater are as follows:

Yarn: Handspun Romney purchased from this nice lady at Rhinebeck. I notice she doesn't have the dyed yarn for sale on her site, but the colorway was called "Pesto" (in case anyone wants to contact the nice lady about the color) and the yarn is very natural and earthy to work with. Smells very faintly of clean sheep, too, which I happened to really like (I've had handspun smell like unclean sheep which I did not like at all, and I have seen handspun so overprocessed that it smelled like absolutely nothing, which seemed too anaesthetic to me). Wasn't really thrilled about the color fading a bit, but I hear if I had given the yarn a warm water and vinegar soak it would not have been so bad, so I blame myself, and not the nice lady. Did I mention how nice she was?
Gauge: 4 sts to the inch on US size 9 straights.
Pattern: Made up as I went along. HAH! And I knitted the flower shaped shank buttons right in with a tiny crochet hook, same way you would bead as you go.

My favorite part? Walter didn't want to take it off. She seemed to really like it.

My holiday was less than great, so I am just leaving this great image of a kid in a handmade sweater for you all to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.


Blogger CygKnit said...

Bloglines just decided today that you had made the last two posts. I have gone *days* without seeing beautiful Walter and her equally beautiful sweater.

Damn, girl, you did a fine job.

10:17 AM


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